GST Refund on Export

What is the procedure for claiming a refund of GST on exports?


Claiming a refund of GST on exports involves several steps under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) framework. Here is a comprehensive guide to the procedure:

1. Export of Goods or Services:

  • Ensure that you have exported goods or services as per the GST Act.
  • Export can be with or without payment of IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax).

2. File Shipping Bill and Bill of Export:

  • For goods, file a shipping bill and for services, file a Bill of Export with the customs department.

3. GST Invoice and Filing GSTR-1:

  • Issue a GST invoice for the export.
  • Include export details in your GSTR-1 return.

4. File GSTR-3B:

  • File GSTR-3B and show export turnover in this return.

5. Pay IGST (If Applicable):

  • Pay IGST on exports if you haven’t paid it at the time of export. This payment can be done through utilization of Input Tax Credit (ITC) or in cash.

6. Claim Refund:

  • File a refund application in Form GST RFD-01 on the GST portal.
  • Select “Refund of IGST paid on exports” in the refund type.
  • Provide necessary details like shipping bill number, port code, tax paid, etc.
  • Attach supporting documents like a copy of the invoice, shipping bill, and bank realization certificate.

7. Verification by GST Officer:

  • The GST officer will verify the details and documents submitted.
  • If necessary, they might ask for additional documents or clarifications.

8. Refund Processing:

  • Once verified, the refund will be processed by the GST authorities.
  • The refund amount will be credited to the exporter’s bank account through the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) system.

9. Intimation and Re-credit if Required:

  • If there are any discrepancies, the officer will issue an intimation.
  • After rectifying the issues, the refund will be re-credited.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Ensure accurate documentation including the invoice, shipping bill, and other relevant documents.
  • Timely filing of returns and payment of taxes is crucial.
  • Any mismatch in details can lead to delays in refund processing.

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This is the simple way by which you can claim a refund of GST on exports.

  1. Register for GST: First, make sure you’re registered under the GST system.
  2. Export Goods or Services: If you’re exporting goods or services, keep records of invoices and shipping details.
  3. File GST Returns: Regularly file your GST returns.
  4. Declare Exports: In your returns, declare your export sales.
  5. Pay GST: Pay the applicable GST for your exports, but not the IGST.
  6. Gather Documents: Collect important documents like invoices, shipping papers, and payment receipts.
  7. Apply for Refund: Apply for a refund for the IGST paid on inputs and input services used for exports.
  8. Review and Approval: Tax authorities will review your claim and approve it if everything is in order.
  9. Receive Refund: Once approved, you’ll get the refund directly in your bank account.
  10. Keep Records: Keep records of all export-related documents and refund applications.
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