GST return query

What are the different modes of filing GST returns?

What is the QRMP scheme for GST return filing?

  1. Online Filing:
  • Taxpayers can file their GST returns online through the official GST portal ( The online platform allows taxpayers to enter details, reconcile input and output tax, and submit returns electronically.
  1. Common GST Return Forms:
  • The common GST return forms include GSTR-1 (for outward supplies), GSTR-3B (summary return), and others. These forms are designed to capture various details related to sales, purchases, and input tax credit.
  1. GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs):
  • Businesses can also use services provided by GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) for filing returns. GSPs are entities authorized by the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) to provide technology-based solutions for GST compliance.
  1. Offline Tools:
  • The GST portal provides offline tools such as the GST Offline Tool and Excel-based templates that businesses can use to prepare their returns offline. Once prepared, the data can be uploaded to the GST portal.
  1. QR Code-based Filing for Composition Taxpayers:
  • Composition taxpayers have the option to file their quarterly return (GSTR-4) using a system-generated quick response (QR) code. This simplifies the filing process for businesses opting for the composition scheme.

Regarding the Quarterly Return Monthly Payment (QRMP) scheme for GST return filing, it is a scheme designed to provide relief to small taxpayers by allowing them to file certain returns on a quarterly basis while making monthly payments of taxes. The key points of the QRMP scheme include:

  1. Eligibility:
  • Taxpayers with an aggregate turnover of up to Rs. 5 crores in the preceding financial year are eligible for the QRMP scheme.
  1. Filing Frequency:
  • Taxpayers under the QRMP scheme file GSTR-3B on a quarterly basis. The return filing quarters are January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December.
  1. Monthly Payment:
  • While the return is filed quarterly, taxpayers are required to make monthly payments of tax liability using Form GST PMT-06. The payment can be done on a self-assessment basis.
  1. Filing Dates:
  • The due dates for filing GSTR-3B under the QRMP scheme are the 22nd or 24th day of the month succeeding the quarter.
  1. Option to Opt-In or Opt-Out:
  • Taxpayers have the flexibility to opt-in or opt-out of the QRMP scheme at the beginning of each quarter.